hands typing on keyboard

Rest your wrists

The repetitive motions of using a computer are often associated with a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, typing is the most common cause. The syndrome develops...
Medical clipboard

Getting tested: What do you know about sexual health (and everything)?

Rate this article and enter to winOK people. It’s that time again—we’re here to talk about STIs and why you don’t want to catch them all. Sure, you know what a condom is and...
Smiling male student

Get your academic act together: Mind tricks for meeting your deadlines

Rate this article and enter to winAre unfinished assignments encroaching on your personal life and mangling your peace of mind? Wondering what happened to your deadline discipline?Staying on top of our workload is about...
Four different colored piggy banks

10 tips for having a blast on a budget

Rate this article and enter to winIf you think you’re the only one with a tight budget, think again! In a recent Student Health 101 survey, 50 percent of respondents said their approximate weekly budget for...
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Yes, they will Google you: How to be proactive with your online presence

Rate this article and enter to winWhat if a potential employer, academic supervisor, or date searches for you online (as they certainly will), and finds—right there!—your elegant design portfolio or insightful blog posts, and...

The gritty truth behind cigars and chewing tobacco

Rate this article and enter to winMost people know about the addictive qualities and cancer risks of cigarettes, but what about cigars and chewing tobacco?Cigars One cigar contains 5–17 grams of tobacco. That can be...
Group of productive students

5 ways to get more done

Rate this article and enter to winBased on This is how to be productive; 5 new secrets proven by research by Eric Barker at Barking Up The Wrong Tree%CODE1%
Woman exercising at home

Creative ways to break a sweat: Making fitness part of any activity

Rate this article and enter to winYou might not think there’s time to fit exercise into your busy schedule, but you can keep up with your responsibilities and still make time for fitness. In...
Handing a credit card over to someone

Swipe or no swipe?: 5 practical tips for using credit cards

Rate this article and enter to winWhen the cashier asked Jayasai J., a first-year medical student at The University of Toledo in Ohio, if she wanted to apply for a credit card and receive...
Woman exercising using ropes

5 effective fitness fads: Learn the pros and cons of the latest routines

Rate this article and enter to winTrying out a variety of fun and interesting ways to exercise can help you stay motivated—and break up the 150 minutes per week recommended in the U.S. Department...