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diverse group using digital devices

4 easy ways to set positive standards in your online world

Rate this article and enter to winWhether we’re taking an online class, catching up with friends, reading the news, checking our favorite Reddit thread, or watching videos of baby pandas sneezing, we all spend...

Who Are You As A Leader?

By Margarita Alejandra Hernandez, CSI Multicultural Student Affairs CoordinatorThe only venue that genuinely and honestly answers “Who Am I as a Leader?” requires reflecting on the philosophical query of “Who Am I?” I believe...
Scroll with rules

Campus Diversity: Do You Know THE RULES?

— Carol Vanhoozer, CSI CounselorStudents in wheel chairs, older and younger, with varying skin tones, speaking unfamiliar languages, wearing strange clothing or even stranger hair, supporting political agendas people at home would call bogus...
Confident career-driven woman sitting at a computer desk

Jobs and internships: Find your leadership potential this summer

Rate this article and enter to win Decorating your cubicle at your new job? Heading up research at your lab this summer? In a recent survey by SH101, about two out of three students who...
business woman

The job prob: How learning to lead can help you succeed

Rate this article and enter to winMidterms month: time to evaluate our national or local leaders, get into bitter online arguments, and even vote. But as much as we complain when our leaders fall...